Friday, January 08, 2016

Tuscobia Bound.

Well I'm sort of packed and ready to go.  By packed, I mean I have the bin from the basement upstairs ready to be sorted out.  Once I get the kids to school I'll run through the bin to make sure I have all the required gear packed.  I hope to jump on the rollers for 30 minutes to spin the legs some as well.

I was able to get out yesterday too.  Turns out the 45 North Wolfgar boots showed up yesterday.  So I had to try them out!  I've actually been waiting for these boots for 2 years when they were first mentioned.  They certainly were not needed yesterday with such mild temps but I wanted to see how they felt, etc.  Well the almost 2 hours I was out they felt great.  They will be making the trip with me but the final decision to use them has not been made.  It's suppose to get pretty dang cold so they just may get the call.

I'm pretty excited for this race.  I'm ready to get it started and leave my nerves at the start line.  It's always hard to wrap my head around the idea that I will be biking, literally, all day and hopefully, just some of the night!
There are some fast riders showing up so that should make it exciting.  I'm bummed that they aren't having us tracked for spectators at home.  Not sure how well the website will be updated, so it just may be when I'm finished.

Happy Weekend.

EDIT:  Link here for updates on race progress.

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Kyia said...

Good luck Ben!!!