Friday, February 12, 2016


So far this week I've ridden my bike once, on the rollers in the basement!  I've also hit the gym up some.  Our weather doesn't have me itching to get outside and ride, which is fine I guess since I'm "roughly" taking the month off.  Surprisingly I'm still not tweaking out!  Again I attribute that to my diet.  I've cleaned things up and am eating 80% plant based (the rest being whole foods and, for the moment, meat free) and cut way back on sugar and other crap, but still a little room for some sugar!  I'm actually feeling pretty damn good! I like these little experiments.  Fills in my time.

I have a long weekend coming up and hope to get some solid family time in.  Jen and I hope to get a fat bike ride in, the kids have been wanting to go ice skating so that will most likely happen, what a sight I am on skates, and just some hanging out.

Happy Weekend.

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