Thursday, February 04, 2016

Moving Forward.

When I take cycling out of my life it's amazing how much time I have!  Yep, still on a break from the bike and regular exercise in general.  Usually I start to feel depressed and out of shape around this time.  However this past Monday I started up a plant based eating regimen.  Actually we (my family and I) are pretty good about this already I am just putting more of an emphasis on it, eliminating meat and excess sugar.  I did this a couple years ago for 6 weeks but was essentially vegan and gluten free.  That was too much!  But I will say I felt great and my riding didn't suffer.  I'm still surprised how many people will still ask how I get protein or just "full"!  So this has my sanity in check!

Saturday I will start riding some...a fat bike ride on the 'ol Mississippi and the gym next week.

My Arrowhead race recap has been turned into Salsa.  I'll post it here when it's up.


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Christopher Tassava said...

I am insanely eager to read this post. Stories from the sharp end of the race!

Love the new banner picture, too!