Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Not Yet.

I'm still here!  I've just been lazy and/or busy...and honestly I'm not biking so with taking a break from the bike the blog is too, by default.  I've been very tempted to bike but promised myself to stick to some time off.  Stoked we may get a bit of snow from this latest storm.  It might finally be time to wax up the Nordic skis!  I do hope to get a ride or two in this weekend.  Nothing crazy...just biking.

The plan, honestly, was to get up this morning and work on a race report.  I was contacted by Salsa yesterday and was asked to do one for their site.  So hopefully it will be up later this week.  I will post here when it's up.

Sunday I started putting races on the calendar.  A combination of doing that and the temperature being in the mid 40's I got pretty pumped for some gravel and dirt racing.  But I'm not done with winter yet.  One more month, then the snow can go!


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