Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Old Man

Ha!  I feel I am a person that bikes a good amount.  Sure there are a lot that do more but I feel I put my time in.  So it always amazes me how sore I can get from an hour at the gym (after a long hiatus).  I'm not just talking upper body either.  I did 3x15 squats with just the bar...no weights...why are my legs sore?!!!  I am hesitant to admit it but I liked getting back in the gym  I'd be there again today but I'm dropping all 3 kids off this morning.  Back Thursday.

I signed up for another race yesterday, Salsa Oremageddon.  I'm guessing if we get a good dumping of snow I'll be excited, but for now I think I've turned the page and am ready for a new season...to replace the season that never happened.

So far I'm signed up for or plan to do:

Ragnorok 105
Dickey Scramble (?)
Le Grand du Nord
Dirty Benjamin
Single Track Escpae
Gravel Worlds
Inspiration 100
Marji Gesik
Heck of the North

It'll be time for the Arrowhead before I know it!  I'll have a post up about this years AH135 before then!

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the schad family said...

You missed Heck of the North, gotta defend!