Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Ride Before the Wet.

After a nice weather weekend we were in the weeds a tad at work yesterday.  Most of my day was spent in the office at the computer.  Somedays I really miss wrenching on bikes...other days, not so much.  Yesterday I was wanting to be in the pits with the guys but it just didn't work out that way. 

With the rest of the week cooling off and looking wet I got out last night for 1.45...around Briggs Lake.  With being busy at work and outside looking rather gloomy I had written off riding.  Jen convinced me to go and I'm glad I did.  I felt really good and had a great time.  Now I'm bummed TNR is rained out. 
Next Week!

Yesterday Salsa Cycles put out a video documenting the challenges and joys of the Dirty Kanza 200. 

I've watched it a few times.  Of course it's full and I have to wait till next year.  Snooze you lose!

I'm ready for some gravel.

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