Friday, March 11, 2016

Another Go and Starting Back Up.

Last week I planned on getting back on the bike.  I did, sort day.  A sore back, work, family life, and a looming vacation all hampered my plans.  Friday, after work, we headed out on our vacation...the Black Hills.  Originally I planned on bringing a bike but later opted out of that.  If I brought a bike I would have constantly been thinking of ways to sneak  in a ride.  In the end I am glad I didn't and we had a great time.

Yesterday Noah and I got out for 1.5 hours before work.  While my back is still a bit messed up I had a blast.  I was stoked to be back on the comfortable!  Tomorrow will be interesting...hitting up the hill route with the's time...for real!

Looks to be a few gorgeous days...get out and ride.

Daylight savings begins this weekend to TNR (Tuesday Night Ride) starts up next week.  Yes!!b

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