Friday, March 25, 2016

Another Ride North.

I was able to get everything done I wanted, at work, by noon so I was out the door.  I was excited to see the sun!  It's been overcast here for several days.  By the time I got home, ate some lunch, got dressed, and on the bike (Evergreen) it was 12:45.  Again the wind was out of the North, but at least straight North and not NE.

To get to gravel the start is always petty similar, but about an hour in I can start to deviate from previous rides to switch it up some.  It appears a lot of Benton County laid new gravel with big rocks.  It wasn't super soft but the 1"-1.5" rocks slowed things down.  I'm really digging the Terravail Cannonball 38c tires.  I've yet gone into a corner and started to slide.
With all my zigging and zagging I was able to find a few new roads...always fun.  A bit past 2 hours I made the turn for home.  With the tailwind I made pretty good time so I headed further west then further east some.  I ended with a bit past 4 hours.  Another good day.

Not sure on a ride today or not.  I planned on not but Saturday looks to be wet.  I'm hoping it changes, as I had planned on a longer ride.  But yeah, it is early Spring!

Happy Weekend.

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