Thursday, March 03, 2016

Giddy Up...Let's Ride.

Four weeks off the bike, basically nothingness, may have been a bit much.  I got back on the bike yesterday, and man did that feel great!  My lower back is still sore so I kept it short, just the county road 8 loop, 1.5 hours.  My heart rate was running higher than normal, 20-30 beats I'd guess.  I'm chalking that up to coming off sickness, the stress of a tweaked back, and being out of shape.  Man it sure is easy to lose fitness!  As long as I stay diligent is should come back somewhat quickly.

Today I'm slotted till noon at work, which would usually mean ride time.  But I'm slammed a bit and guessing it will only get busier as the temps continue to climb.  So I'll stick around a bit longer and head to the gym for a stint.
This real life stuff is hard!


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