Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mission Accomplished.

We did it!  We, Revolution Cycle and Ski, were able to do inventory and install a new computer system before the wee hours of the morning.  Actually we left work shortly after 8 last night!  I still almost snagged 14 hours of work, but it's done...well part 1, this morning the inventory gets dumped into the new system.  Fingers crossed!

I have a feeling riding may take a back seat this week.  Today is suppose to be pretty gorgeous.  I even have the go ahead from home but that essentially will put me away from home for 4 nights.  I wish the rest of the week was to be nice too, but no such luck.  Such choices I have!  It's still not even April so all is good.  My riding tends to really take off in summer when Jen and the girls are done with school.

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