Monday, March 21, 2016

Not as Planned but Still Great.

The weekend riding didn't go off as planned but still happened nonetheless.  Saturday was to be a pretty big day on gravel, 80-100 miles.  However waking up Saturday morning revealed ice and snow covered streets.  Even a bridge in town was temporarily closed till they could make it safe for travel.  The call was made to postpone the ride.
About this time I noticed it was still cool in the house.  To keep the story short: the furnace was on the fritz, I called my guy and left a message, looked it up on the internet, took my furnace apart, fixed the problem before my guy called back, saved money!

It was past noon now and the snow and ice had mostly melted.  I finally got my Seven Evergreen SL built but opted for the single speed Cross Check with full fenders.  The gravel was mostly clean but dang soft.  Couple that with the wind and I was mashing my one gear a lot.  Enough so that my back is still a bit out of whack.  It was a great ride though, ended with a bit over 3 hours and 50 miles.

Sunday we planned to do our planned Saturday ride, but shorter...time constraints.  It takes a bit of time to hit gravel in the NW but once you do it seems to go on forever.  We were wishing we had more time to keep going.  We will need to get back there and continue to explore.  Ended with 4 hours and 70ish miles.

I took the Seven for it's maiden voyage...and I LOVE it!  I'm super excited to get lots of miles on this bike.  I will give a better report after a few more rides.

On to the week.

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