Thursday, March 24, 2016

Seven Evergreen 2.

The wind, once again, was stiff out of the NE with overcast skis and temps in the mid 30's...blah.  Nothing a ride on a new bike can't fix!  While I only have two rides on this bike I can say I love it thus far.  The only thing I'm looking to change are the pedals.  The spindle length seems a bit short so my shoes are rubbing on the crank arms.  Not a big deal but enough to annoy me.  I have some other pedals to try out today.

The past few Thursday's I've been scheduled 9-12 but have ended up working a full day.  I've gotten a ton done this week so optimistic about getting out on time and battling the NE wind...again.  I will have a bit more time than yesterday morning so hoping for some more saddle time.  Yesterday was 2.5 hours so maybe 3-4 today.  I do love early season as "whatever" seems to truly be "whatever".

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