Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring Riding.

I went back and forth on which bike to take out for a ride on Saturday.  It had rained on and off all night so the gravel roads were sure to be somewhat messy but I still opted for the Seven Evergreen.  It's bound to get dirty at sometime!
By the time I left the paved roads were dry but rain was predicted later in the day.  As it has been most of the week, the wind was out of the N/NE.  I essentially made my way to Foley and continued on North and East.  The gravel was pretty good with only a few messy spots.  Because of the rain it was soft and finding the "line" was tricky with all the new gravel that's been laid down.  

Shortly before I made my turn for home it started to sprinkle, snow, or rain on and off.  I hit Morrison county and it was evident it had either rained more or just finished.  The gravel was pretty wet and messy...time to turn for home.  It was one of those rides that I wanted to just keep going but I was somewhat on a time constraint.  It ended about perfect, as I put the bike in the garage it started to rain pretty steadily.  A good ride!  A bit over 4 hours.
Loving the Seven!

Today we are closed at the shop to do inventory and install a new point of sale system.  Not the most fun of tasks but I think the end result will be's just getting there.
Thus riding is up in the air this week.  Not sure how long this will take and what the learning curve will be.  Mid week looks to be wet and dang cold at the end of the week.  Oh how 70 degree's taunted us a few weeks back!

Happy Monday.

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