Wednesday, March 23, 2016


I survived!  I wasn't too sure what to expect on the ride last night.  I got some good time on the bike last week but it takes more than a week to recover from 6 weeks off!  Luckily daylight is only so long this time of year, giving us just 2 hours to ride.  Surprisingly I felt ok.  Yeah I hurt but it's TNR...everyone hurts!

Because of the stiff NE wind we did the route we always do: Little Rock Lake Loop.  Besides the start, which is getting through town, I really like the route.  Typical of a TNR we put in some hard efforts.  Being early in the season we tend to allow more time for recovery before the next effort is put in...yes!

We ended with 2 hours at a 20 mph average.  Already looking forward to next week.  I work at noon today so planning on a cruise on the Evergreen...with the wind, again.


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