Friday, April 15, 2016


The warm weather has arrived!  Sure it brought it's friend no one likes to hang out with (the wind) but I don't even care.  I was able to get out of work at my scheduled time, even a bit earlier, and was on the bike before noon.  When it's a south wind and I want to hit gravel I tend to hit up parts of the Dirt Bag courses form over the years.  For whatever reason I have yet to get sick of the route.  Mostly, I guess, is it's so easy to alter it up a bit but stay on the relative same it's nice when time is an issue, no getting lost!

While the wind was whipping it didn't bother me much.  The only time it frustrated me was in crosswinds.  The gusts would toss me all over the place.  No sitting up no handed in these sections.

I made a couple early (warm) season mistakes.  I only brought 3 bottles as I rarely finished two on colder 4 hour rides and I didn't even think about sun screen as I haven't been with out full sleeves yet this season.  Kind of like the first few winter rides where I over dress and sweat out my takes a ride or two to get back into it.  So yeah, ran out of water and have some wicked tan (burn) lines on my arms.  Ugh.

Great ride overall.  I was just shy of 5 hours.  I made it home in time to get the kids from track practice and school, feed them, and get them to gymnastics, then over to my folks to get Harper and a buzz haircut...yep the mop is gone!

Happy Weekend.  Put on some miles.

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