Monday, April 18, 2016

Great Weekend.

Saturday was looking to be a great day:  warm temps, sun, and I with the day to do whatever.  Yes, the wind was kicking once again but not enough to keep me off the bike.  A bit before 8:00 I was on the Evergreen heading South.
I did last year's Dirt Bag course to it's Southern most part then broke off and continued South.  On this ride I realized why it is I like the Dirt Bag course so much.  It doesn't go in anyone direction for too long, so on windy days there are many breaks.  But now I was in the brunt of the wind pounding it out. 
I started in Sherburne County, passed through Wright, Carver, and eventually Mcleod.  I jumped on the Luce Line Trail some to get a break from the wind.  I continued South past Lester Prairie.  Around the 5 hour mark I made the turn West.  When I made the turn to head home I was more than ready for a tailwind but the gravel in Mcleod County was 3" of loose gravel.  I was unable to find "the" line and felt I was working just as hard going with the wind!

Eventually the gravel would firm up and I was able to spin the legs freely.  It was a hot and windy day, as was evident by my salt encrusted jersey and I'm sure face.  Total I went through 10-11 bottles.  At a stop in Howard Lake I gave in and had a soda, Cherry first in over 3 months.

I made it home with 9.5 hours, 155 miles, around 5:30 (so only 20 minutes of stops).  I felt pretty solid overall.  I wasn't setting a killer pace but kept it solid.  The legs were tired at the end but not shot, despite being dehydrated.

Sunday I met up with the Southside Cyclist group and we did 2 hours.  Felt good to spin the legs but any hills and I my legs let me know they were there!
Hoping for an hour on the mountain bike tonight but rain is predicted.  Once again rain is predicted for TNR too. 
Fingers crossed.

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