Thursday, April 21, 2016

Night Riding.

I'm pretty much unable to get out in the morning to ride until school is done.  Thus I'm pushed into the night.  I'm much more of a morning person.  It's easier for me to get up at 5 to ride then leave the house after work.  But that's what I did yesteday: drop of the kids, work, pick up Harper, grocery store, pick up Avery, cook dinner, clean up after dinner, and ride.

I took out the Evergreen once again.  NE to easterly winds so off I headed in an all too familiar route.  It does stay light out much longer but once the sun sets the route really doesn't matter much.  I went a bit too far North, lost track of time, and made the turn for home 2 hours into the ride.

When I left the western sky was clear while to the east and south it was overcast.  About halfway home the clouds had moved in and a wind shift (headwind) felt to be taking place.  Eventually I'd hit some sprinkles, turning into rain.  On with the vest and a bit faster cadence.

Ended shy of 4 hours.  By the time I cleaned up, etc. it was almost 10:30...way past my bedtime!  So glad I went however.  Always a's just getting out the door and the first 30 minutes that are hard.

Hoping to get a spin on the road this afternoon.

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