Wednesday, April 13, 2016

No TNR so Gravel Gets the Call.

Around 2:30 yesterday I was shocked, but not in disbelief, when I looked out our windows at work and saw it snowing!  I had no idea there was to be any kind of precipitation.  I even wore shorts to work!  This caused a sea of text messages regarding TNR.  Go or Not?  In the end it was made to not go.  Yeah we've ridden in worse and maybe we should have gone but I think our disgust of the weather for TNR over the past few weeks had us down.
I was ill prepared for such a ride as well.  I only, at the last minute, tossed some knee warmers in my bag.  But was missing shoe covers and adequate gloves.

At home I made the decision to jump on the Seven Evergreen and go explore.  So glad I did!  While I like TNR I will always love solo, gravel rides more.  Because of the East wind I essentially made a big rectangle for my route.  I found some different roads to ride and dogs to chase me.  Nothing like a dog on your heals, in the dark, while listening to music to get the heart going! 
Had it been 10 degrees warmer I may have gone further but my hands were starting to feel the burn of the cold a bit so I made the turn for home around 2 hours.  With the tail wind I made great time on the way home.  Ended with 3.5 hours.  Glad I brought the lights!

We always talk of doing night gravel rides but they never seem to materialize...people are busy.  More solo adventures for sure! 

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