Friday, April 22, 2016

Pushing Through.

When I left work yesterday, shortly after noon, it was warm, not too windy, and the sun was shinning between the clouds.  Perfect...time to ride.  About half way up the River Road to Rice the clouds overtook the sun and the wind was picking up strength.  Not perfect!
My legs were feeling the wrath of riding the past two days.  Nothing crazy but they never came around.  My whole body was that way.  I felt like I was hungry but food did little to nothing to help.  The wide open, into the wind, section were a definite battle.  But being stubborn I pushed on as I had a route in mind!  St. Cloud, Sartell, Rice, Royalton, Bowlus, Holdingford, St. Stephen, Sartell, and St. Cloud.  A tad over 4 hours.  On the road bike.

Overall it was a good ride.  Had the sun been out I think I would have come around some.  At the finish I felt pretty good.  Racing the Dickie Scramble on Saturday should be interesting.  We'll see how the legs feel and respond.  I'm excited to do this one, as I have yet been able to.

Happy Weekend.

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