Friday, April 29, 2016

Rainy Days.

Riding my bike can be a huge stress reliever.  I usually end rides with more energy, more upbeat, and just happy.  Not so much yesterday.  I waited till about 2 to leave.  It seemed most of the rain was gone and the roads were starting to dry up.  I grabbed the Evergreen and headed into the wind, NE.

About an hour in the sprinkles started and quickly converted into a light rain.  I stuck to gravel as much as I could as the gravel was absorbing most of the water.  Eventually the gravel became saturated and the water started to pool.  I was pretty wet and decided it was time to get home.  I jumped on the pavement and headed back.  By the time I finished (3 hours) my hands were worthless, my shoes were squirting water out the vents under pressure, and my bike was making fun noises. 
Screw this ride. 
I think it was actually the whole week of crappy weather that finally got to me.  Man I was crabby for a bit after my ride!

The Evergreen is coming to the shop with me this morning to get a cleaning.  I may ride this afternoon...not sure.  Tomorrow is Harper's Birthday so riding will be when/if it works.

Happy Weekend!

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