Friday, April 01, 2016

Saddle Time.

Despite wanting to ride I wasn't very motivated.  Overcast skies, NE wind, coolish temperatures, and a chance of rain had me shaking my head!  But, per usual, an hour in and all had changed!
I was on the Seven Evergreen again but rode a bit more pavement at the start to get to different gravel.  I did a lot of riding in Milacs and Morrison County...both are great for gravel.  It's interesting how different counties can have distinctively different gravel.

Nearing the time when I thought I should turn around and head for home it started to sprinkle.  It eventually did turn into a rain but nothing too serious.  It did prompt me to make a stop in Buchmann for some coffee. 
I made good time on the way home with the tail wind.  I managed to find a couple minimum maintenance roads too...the Seven was perfect.  I love that bike more and more every time I ride it.

I ended with almost 7.5 hours and 115 miles.  I have some friends riding out in GA now.  They did a 100 mile ride and climbed over 12,000 feet...I got a tad over 2000...ha!

I hope to get out this afternoon for a small ride.  NW winds, with gust up to 25 mph, are predicted.  Man Spring wind...blah.
I work the weekend so it's early mornings if I can make myself get up!  Just 7 more hours to get to 14.

Happy Weekend.

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