Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Maybe it was because it actualy happened and wasn't canceled due to weather.  Maybe it was because the wind wasn't 30 mph out of the North.  Or maybe it was because I was feeling good and not totally dying like earlier this season.  Whatever it was I'm still a bit giddy on TNR!

Because the wind was SE to East we decided on Briggs Lake.  It's not the most conveinant to get to but our route wasn't too bad.  We headed South to Hurl Hill and over to Clearwater and the infamous county road 8.  County road 8 is my main passage out of town when I ride from my house.  Over the years it's "aged".  Solo it's fine but in a group it's a bit chaotic.  While we had some pretty hard efforts prior to 8 I feel it's here we put the hammer down.  It was the no talking, taking your turn up front paceline type favorite.  Maybe it's my love of riding solo but I prefer the single file ride to the two a least when doing hard efforts.  You set the pace and you get to pull for as long as you want, take a break in the back, and repeat. 

The road around Briggs Lake is a narrow, twisty, hilly route that always begs to be done at speed.  Last night was no different.  As soon as we hit the road it was on.  No KOM's fell but for April it was great. 
Racing the setting sun behind a wall of clouds we kept the pace high on the way home.  We even jumped into an echelon (usually my least favorite) that seemed to work!  It was four of us at this point so maybe that's why it was succesful but when we attempt this with a larger group on windy days I'm all white knuckles waiting for a crash.

We ended with a bit over 2.5 hours and almost 58 miles.  The best TNR of the season...thus far!