Thursday, April 14, 2016

Too Many Events!

I just realized Salsa Ride Camp (September 9-11) falls on the same weekend as the last running of the Inspiration 100 (Sept. 10th)...and I want to do both!

It seems it wasn't too long ago that the only gravel events around were part of the AGRS (Almanzo (or All, depends who you ask) Gravel Race Series), so April, May, June, September, and October.  Now it's every weekend.  Next weekend (23rd) is the Dickie Scramble.  Over 300 people are signed up.  The Kenwood Road Race is going on that same day.  Wonder if they will get half that?!  The team we sponsor is putting on a road race (THK) this Saturday in Avon.  When I was told what our current expenses were I was shocked.  No wonder gravel type events are taking off.  As with anything new I think gravel is still climbing in popularity.  But eventually the bubble will pop and when the dust settles I wonder what will be left.  Interesting times.  No matter I'll still be biking!

Yesterday Jen was gone up north reading for the State Knowledge Bowl Meet.  I was busy running kids all over.  Man that's hectic.  Jen is gone again tonight, so more of the same for me.  I work till noon so REALLY hope to get out on time today...squeeze a ride in.  Thanks to my parents for helping out.

Spring is finally here!!

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