Monday, May 23, 2016

Best Weekend.

Damn, that was a fine weekend!

Saturday 12 of us met up at the shop to head out and conquer the hill route.  I fared much better than the last time I did the hill route, in April.  I wasn't crushing souls but I was holding my own on the hills.  At the top of the Alp I was sitting 4th spot.  The chase was back on to the lead (Matt).  A lot of times the descent to the "stop ahead sign" is more painful than the actual climb.  I hit 51 mph!!  Not bad for a Central MN hill.  FYI, we didn't catch as hell right now.
My favorite hill is Ol Shep.  I think I like it because it's a "what you see is what you get" type of hill.  There are no rollers leading up to it, it doesn't flatten out and start back up again, just a solid climb.  I managed to stick to Matt's wheel.  Again this descent to the "stop ahead sign" is pretty damn painful, and long.  Jimmy and Charlie were chasing Matt and I.  I wanted nothing more to sit up and coast into Avon but we dug deep and held off the charge.  These little "races" within the ride make it such a great time.
I ended with 99 miles in 5 hours.

Despite being a sweaty hot mess I just rinsed my face, slammed a lot of water and started to mow the lawn.  A quick lunch and it was garden time.  We all worked together and it still took us till 5:30 to finish.
Because it was so nice and the mosquitoes aren't out yet we grilled, had a fire, and ate on the patio.  Super stellar Saturday.

Sunday I got up somewhat early and was on the road bike heading south by 6:30.  It was predicted to get windy and I didn't have it in me to deal with that.  It worked out pretty well.  By the time the wind was picking up I was making my turn.  Love it when it works that way!  I ended up with 4 hours...79 miles.

Then it was garage cleaning time.  Essentially everything gets pulled out, winter stuff gets moved to the shed, and everything gets put back in.  It's looking awesome right now but with 3 girls, and myself, it will pile up soon.  More gardening happened, some grocery shopping, some fajitas on the grill (veggie for me, chicken for everyone else), and bed.  We were all pretty tired.
A very awesome weekend.

Rain is predicted on and off all week.  However, Tuesday and TNR is looking to be one of the best days!

Here we go...Monday.

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