Thursday, May 19, 2016

Blue Skies...Finally!

Before work yesterday, at noon, I headed out for a road ride with blue skies, low wind, and fresh legs.  Man I wish more rides could have those three things!  I've started to rely a bit to heavily on my "traditional" routes so I made a point of switching it up some.  I still did country road 8 but made my way over to Powder Ridge and back home for 62 miles.  It was definitely one of those days you wanted more time to ride.

Today is looking pretty similar, maybe a bit more wind.  I'm heading out on the Evergreen in search of gravel.  Again I hope to shake it up some and take different routes...but there is something to be said for familiar roads too.  If things go well maybe I'll end up in Darwin, home of the biggest ball of twine!


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