Friday, May 06, 2016

Dirt Baggin It.

After I got the kids to school I kitted up and pointed the Evergreen South.  The plan was to do a combination of a few Dirt Bag routes.  I like doing this as the route isn't just a big square so I'm not battling the wind in anyone direction for too long.  The gravel on this route runs from pavement like to soft, sandy mush.  The legs took awhile to come around but a couple hours in they started to wake up.  Any hill and they let me know they were there!
Ended with 6.5 hours, 110 miles.
Once home it was shower, get Avery, back home to make sandwiches, get Harper, over the South to watch Brinna at track (last meet I froze, yesterday I was sweating), leave the meat to get Avery to gymnastics, back home to give Harper a bath, back to get Avery, back home, and bed.  It only gets easier right?!  Actually pretty fun.

Happy Weekend.

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