Monday, May 09, 2016

Fast Weekend.

It was another busy weekend for the Doom's.  Saturday Jen's brother and parent's were coming over to hang out and somewhat celebrate the recent birthdays, plus, of course, Mother's Day.
Saturday I was up early, but not as early as last week, and on the road bike by 5:45.  It was a NW wind so the Little Falls route was in order.  I never remember how long this route takes as there are a few variations, etc.  While I wasn't under a huge time crunch I "should" be home by 10:30.  It turned out I had plenty of time so I made a few loops off the route.  I got home right on time with about 4.5 hours and 91 miles.

Sunday I opted not to try to sneak a ride in and entertain any kids that may wake up early.  I thought, and hoped, I could sleep in too but I was pretty much wide awake before 6.  Early sunrise and habit I guess.  16 of us met at the Green Mill for Brunch.  I've been doing a mostly plant based experiment for 4 months now.  A side benefit is it's hard to overdue it at a buffet!  I had salad, fruit, green beans, and some dessert.  First time I've been to a buffet and left not feeling sloth like!

I did get a 2 hour ride in while naps were taking place.  Despite a big week of riding (for me) I felt great on the ride.  It was a flat ride and the wind was minimal but I'll take it!
Just shy of 20 hours on the week.

This week is to be cooler and wet.  We really need the rain I just hope it doesn't take up the whole week.  No plans on riding yet.  Day by day.

Back at it.

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Selena Wilson said...

Nice. Now if you love to read the novel then you must read the On The Road- Make Fun Novel. You love this.