Friday, May 20, 2016

Gravel, Old Bridges, and Warm Temps...a good ride.

While I never made it to Darwin, and the biggest ball of twine, I did have a great ride.  I essentially (for the start) did the Dirt Bag route from years past backwards, Dellwood Road.  But instead of turning into Fairhaven I continued south, skirting Kimball.  Once on the west side of hwy 15 I kept going south.  Many of the roads would either come to a "T" or force me back to hwy 15.  So I did a lot of turns, both east and west.

I know, whoa...a picture!  This was south of Kimball, near Kingston.  I've crossed this before.  I love this bridge...and the bike.
At 12:30 (4 hours in) I turned west and eventually north for home.  Tailwind!  The wind had picked up as the day went on so I was cheating a bit with this wind.  I ended up stopping in Watkins to refuel.  Last week in much cooler temps I never ran out of water...the power of the sun!

I've been running Teravail Cannonball tires, 700x38, on Nox (wider) rims.  The tires look pretty big and I go back and forth if they are too big.  But hitting the deep gravel I'm always glad I have them.  Nonetheless I feel like a 700x35 would be the sweet spot for me.  Gotta run these down first.

I ended with 7.5 hours and 132 miles.  At home I showered, got Avery, and started to cook dinner.  Then it was off to Brinna's orchestra concert.

I was thinking of getting up and on the bike between 5-5:30 but that just puts so much strain on our morning routine.  Soon enough school will be out.

FYI: Saturday some of us are doing the Hill Route, 4-5 hours on road bikes.  Meet at the shop at 9 if interested.

Happy Weekend.

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