Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Head Games.

In my head I had ways to make riding work Monday and Tuesday.  But as the time to ride neared I opted out, both days.  Jen had a meeting Monday night and Tuesday was Avery's Birthday.  I had fun both days, not riding, but damn if I didn't have to deal with some mental anguish to get there!  It's just riding man!
That being said I do have some solid rides planned the rest of the week so all is good...ha.  It even looks like the wind will be out of the south (a new direction) on Thursday.

I'm starting to get in the mountain bike mode.  I've been diggin on my single speed, a lot, but need to get the geared mountain bike back together, (shock and fork were overhauled).  It's much easier riding to the other trails in town on a geared bike.  Plus hitting the woods on windy days is much more enjoyable.

Alright...happy hump day.

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