Friday, May 27, 2016

Let's Head North.

Ha!  The nicest day of the week and I'm off my bike...go figure.  I would have loved to hit up the Thursday Night Ride (ThNR), the weather and wind seemed almost too good.  But alas I was at a preschool picnic, which was a good time in its own way.  It's fun to hang out with one of your kids one on one every once in awhile.

Today we head north to Grand Marais for the first running of the La Grand du Norde, 100 mile gravel race.  I'm pretty excited, but I think moreso just to get out of town and hang with some friends.  The weather is still looking like rain for the race.  I seriously thought about leaving the Evergreen at home and using my Salsa La Cruz but bikes clean up and broken parts can be replaced.  Who knows, it may not rain at all!

Happy Long Weekend.

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