Friday, May 13, 2016

The Thursday Hundo.

Despite being cool in the morning the sun made it feel warmer.  Yep, the sun was out yesterday for a bit.  After I got the kids to school I jumped on my bike and the clouds rolled!  Because of the W/NW wind I headed up the River Road to Rice...on the Evergreen.  I've hit some gravel up this way a few times with Charlie but we always had to turn for home before going too far.

It does take awhile to hit gravel, over an hour, but it's worth it.  At first it's very "grid like" but the further you go the less that is and the more hilly, windy, and narrow the gravel gets.  Because of the recent rains the gravel was pretty soft.  Couple that with the wind and the going was slow.  Before long it was time to make the turn for home.  Wow, love me some tailwind!

I wanted to avoid back tracking too much so I went south quite a bit before going too far east.  I'm not sure why but the Holdingford area is like the Bermuda Triangle for me.  The roads don't seem to run the traditional north/south, east/west and most of the gravel dead ends.  Thus I was on pavement a lot during this section.  Helped get the average speed up I guess!

Ended with 6.5 hours and 112 miles.
Brinna had another track meet so off we went.  She did the last event so we were there the duration.  Long!!  But fun.
I work at noon today and was looking for a 2 hour ride.  However it's in the low 40's and raining.  Not too appealing.

Happy Weekend.

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