Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Time Off.

I'm not one that's too good about taking time off the bike, especially when it's so nice out.  Time off is for rainy days!  After a solid couple of weeks my legs need some time.  I really thought I'd ride some night gravel last night but made the call to take Monday and today off. 
Our local bike club, MMCC, had trail work last night.  I should have really gone but Harper really wanted me to take her biking.  It's hard to tell a 4 year old no to biking.  Plus Jen and Brinna needed to run to the store.

Harper and I hooked up the Tag-a-long and made our way over to Freidrick Park.  It was her first time "off roading"!  We made it home in time for popsicles before bed.
So a day, or two, off the bike isn't so bad!
Wednesday-Sunday I ride.  The weather is looking great and South winds!

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