Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Finally, I was able to make a TNR!  The past few weeks I've had Birthdays, track, or bad weather.  Despite getting off to a rainy start Tuesday ending up being ok for a ride.  Seven of us started out from the shop.  The plan was to do Lake Silvia but within 3 miles we hit some glass and two people got flats.  A mile later another flat!  Lake Silvia is pushing the limits so we altered our route.  The wind was also E/SE, giving us a crosswind most of the ride, ugh.  This meant we pulled out the echelon a lot.  I know it makes sence and works...but I hate it!

While I felt pretty good on the ride I wasn't great.  My legs were heavy the whole ride, mostly due to last weeks long rides I'd guess.  It was a struggle for me to keep on at times.  Which is good, if it was always easy I'm not bettering myself!  Matt killed it last night, so he and Jimmy controlled the ride.  With about 45 minutes left it was down to Matt, Jimmy, and myself.  My back was giving me havoc so I went to stretch for a second, but that's all it took and I was off the wheel!  I only caught back on because they sat up at the stop sign.  Fast ride!

Despite the overcast skies and flats we almost got 3 hours in, 61 miles, and a 21.7 avg.  Love TNR.

I work at noon today and it looks like I may be able to get a couple hours in before the rain starts back up again.  Looking like Briggs Lake!

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