Monday, May 02, 2016

Weekend Fun.

It was a full and fun weekend.
Saturday was Harper's 4th Birthday!  We had plans later in the day so I was up early and on the bike before 5 am.  It was pretty chilly at the start, 36 degrees, and the wind was already pretty strong out of the E/NE.  The Evergreen got the call once again.  I pretty much road pavement straight East for 1.5 hours.  From there on it was a lot of new gravel roads to explore.  I kept going East and North till I hit hwy 169.  I took that North to the next road crossing and began my journey home.  A few gravel roads forced me further North.  The gravel road in Milacs County are some of my favorite.  They don't seem to be on much of a grid pattern, they are usually narrow, and wind through a lot of swamp lands.  The tailwinds heading home were amazing!  Much easier traveling.

I made it home with 7 hours and 120 miles.  I felt really good.  Because of the cold I only drank 3 bottles.  I know I should have consumed more but I didn't feel like stopping.  I spent much of the weekend catching up on hydration.
That afternoon we hit up the Skatin Place to get our roller skating on!  It's not something I think I'd enjoy but it's always a good time.
I did start to fade pretty hard around 9:00!

Sunday was a lazy start but by 10 I was out riding with Jimmy.  We haven't ridden together since he's moved back for the summer.  2.5 hours flew by!  I mowed the back yard, reluctantly, grocery shopped, folded laundry, and poof the day (weekend) was done.

Another good one.

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