Thursday, May 26, 2016


Before bringing the kids to school yesterday I checked the hour by hour forecast.  It was showing 11:00 as the time the storms would roll through.  Before I left on my ride it was moved back to 12:00.  Perfect, plenty of time to get my ride in.
I settled in on doing and extended Briggs Lake loop.  My legs are tired so I purposely kept the pace pretty easy, just trying to "spin the gunk out".  The ride was great till about 1.5 hours in.  I could see the dark clouds overcoming the high blanket of clouds.  Sprinkles turned to rain and the rain turned into big drops!  I was wet...again....ugh!
I actually don't mind riding in the rain I just hate the bike service I "should do" after riding in the rain two days in a row.  Oh well, I got a ride in and I felt good.

It's still looking like rain for Saturday up in Grand Marais.  Rain during gravel races I do not like.  That stuff finds it's way into everything.  Disc brakes tend not to last too long either.  The gravel acts like sandpaper and rips the pads down to nothing.  I checked for different pads (more durable) and they are out of stock.  May have some Flintstone stopping going on!

Today is our crazy day.  Jen has graduation, Harper has a school picnic this evening, and the other girls have gymnastics.  Plus we need to pack for the weekend yet.  Only 5 days of school left!


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