Monday, June 20, 2016

A Big Week.

Time for a "chill" week!  Last week several circumstances fell into place allowing me to ride a lot.  It was topped off by riding to Jen's parent's cabin on Saturday and back on Sunday.

I usually take the road bike but this time I opted for the Evergreen.  While I probably rode 60% pavement and 40% gravel it was nice to have the option to go anywhere and expand my route options.  Essentially there was no wind, so it felt like a light headwind, but I'll take it.  I worked by way over and up to Milaca.  I took gravel roads to Onamia.  Stopped at Kathio State Park for smelly water.  Road next to Lake Milacs for a bit on a frontage road.  And finally took gravel roads to the cabin.
Just shy of 6 hours and 105 miles.
It's pretty sweet to end a hot, humid ride at a lake!

Sunday I woke up to the wind howling.  I really wasn't sure if I was going to ride home or not.  After a short swim and breakfast I decided it was time to go.  I'm too much of a nut job not too!
This time it felt even hotter and I would be battling a headwind the entire ride.  I opted for a much more direct route.  I did jump on the Soo Line (gravel ATV Trail) for a bit of reprieve from the wind.  I was sad to leave it.  I had the Garmin on the map feature so I didn't obsess about my speed.  Despite the wind and heat I had a great ride and never got frustrated enough to curse the wind out loud!  I actually felt pretty good.
It was a much slower ride: 3 hours 45 minutes for 54 miles.
I was going to mow when I got home but decided Monday was a better day for that!
Later on that evening we met up with my sister (and her family) and my dad at the White Horse for a Father's Day dinner.  Not a bad weekend at all.

I ended with 30 hours and some odd minutes of riding for the week, and 553 miles.  My legs are surprisingly feeling ok.  I haven't put in hard efforts however so that may tell a different story.  This will be a much easier week.  Jen is gone on vacation with some friends for a few days so I'm left solo parenting.  If I get half the time in of last week I'll be happy.  Today is an off day.

Happy Monday.

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