Friday, June 10, 2016

Heat Prep.

I did a little shake down ride yesterday.  I hadn't been on the Evergreen since Le Grand du Nord and this would be my first humid day of riding in sometime.  While the heat and humidity were nothing like they are predicted to be on Saturday I learned I need more water than I planned on bringing to the Dirty B.  I also resigned to the fact that I may need to use one of the checkpoints this year for water resupply.  They added another one due to the heat.  Overall I felt pretty good.  I sure was sweating a lot, so staying on top of my water and electrolyte intake will be important.  Too many times I just worry about pedaling during a race.  I can get by doing that most times but in the heat the game changes.
I ended with a bit over 4 hours.

It was also Brinna's 13th Birthday yesterday...13!  She's having a friend party on Saturday but we went to the Twin's game last night.  Even though they got destroyed it was fun.  We didn't get home till midnight so I'm a bit tired this morning.  Early to be tonight.

Happy Weekend.

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