Saturday, June 25, 2016

Summer Solstice Century.

Yeah I know the Summer Solstice was last Tuesday but it didn't work for a few people, myself included.  Thus this coming Tuesday, the 28th, will be the Summer Solstice Century.  We will leave the shop an hour early, 4:30.  Unless others protest we will do the route of years past, up to Fort Ripley and back...flat and fast!
We usually average 21-22+ mph, so plan on that.  There will be a stop around mile 50 to refuel.  If you think of it bring a rear flasher, we've yet to finish in the daylight.  All it takes is one flat and we're running late.

I don't have anything planned for after the ride.  Last year we grilled, before that we went out, and prior to that I think we ordered pizza.  I'm open to suggestions, if anything.  The less work the better!!

So far the weather is almost perfect.  I know a lot can change between now and then but currently is calling for 79 as a high, full sun, and light and variable winds.  Oh hell yeah!

Hoping for a another big crew!

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