Monday, June 27, 2016

The Weekend.

Despite the later than planned start I did get out for a 4 hour road ride on Friday.  The wind became a theme for the weekend and it started on Friday...nice and solid out of the South.  I did a Clearwater, French Lake, Lake Sylvia loop.  The ride around Lake Sylvia is great.

Saturday I worked so Noah and I met at 6 for a 3 hour ride.  Already the wind was strong, eliminating one of the benefits of riding early!  While the temperature wasn't too crazy the humidity/dew point was ridiculous!  This ride wins the award for the sweatiest this year.  My kit was totally drenched when we finished.  I hung my kit up at work to dry.  At the end of the day I had quite the puddle of sweat below it!

Sunday Jen and the girls headed up to her families cabin for a couple days.  So I headed out for a ride.  I wanted 4+ hours but wasn't too sure on where or what.  I like rides like this.  Turn when I want or take a road because it looks neat.  The west wind was pretty damn strong.  Open, flat sections felt like a continuous climb.
I hit up the Alp, Paynesville, Lake Henry, Spring Hill, Belgrade, Albany, Wobegone Trail, Avon, off the trail, St. Joeseph, and home.  I stopped in Belgrade to refuel.  Strongly craving a Coke I discovered I lost my money somewhere along the way...bummer.  Water it was.  Glad I brought enough food.  I ended getting more water in Avon as well.
Once I was heading with the wind I was flying!  The reward for previous efforts.  I ended with almost 7 hours and 130 miles.  More than planned or needed but fun!  I ran into work to close, had dinner at my folks, and lounged the rest of the night.

Thinking a spin at the North Loop tonight, or maybe mow...

Happy Monday.

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