Thursday, June 16, 2016

Zooming By.

Summer is great but way too fast.  Everytime I turn around the kids have something going on...from camps to cabins.  I'm to blame here too.  There are way too many cool biking events!  I could have a race every week if I wanted.  This week Brinna is at Strings Camp and it worked out for me to put in a "big" week of riding.  Work has picked back up to June speed after experiencing a slow start.  So "poof" it's Thursday!

Tuesday and Wednesday I got out for a ride both days before work.  That is what I miss most once school is back on...morning rides.  Tuesday was 2 hours and yesterday was 3.  Not too sure on today yet.  I have more time so thinking the Sand Dunes area...maybe swing through Princeton.

The weekend is a bit up in the air.  I'm told it's Father's Day and we/I can do whatever.  The pressure!

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