Thursday, July 21, 2016

8 Years.

Despite the warnings I did get out for a ride yesterday afternoon.  All day I planned on the road bike but in the end grabbed the Evergreen and headed for the Dirt Bag course.  I figured the gravel roads would provide more shade.  Truly it wasn't that bad out.  The hard part was how much I was sweating...I was soaked at the end.  My shoes made a "squishing" sound when I walked!  I got 3 hours 45 minutes in.  I wanted and felt like more but the family was already over at the Anderson household for a boat ride on the Mississippi.  They made a loop back and picked me up.  Pretty amazing the different perspective you get of the town from the river.
Later we met up with my folks for some ice cream.  Yesterday was my 8 years sober anniversary.  It's become a tradition to go out for ice cream...I'm cool with that!

I also started a tradition of riding 20 miles for each year sober.  I have today off and planned on 160...maybe more!  I'm a bit hesitant now.  Not that I don't think I could but I'm guessing if I do I will be pretty shot the rest of the week.  If it was just hot and not humid I'm pretty sure I would give it a go.  Maybe if I had someone meet me half way with a change of clothing.  God I'm going to be wet and gross.  I love the looks I get when I go into gas stations to refuel.  The cashiers barely want to touch my money!
So I'm going with the flow.  I'll leave within the hour and see what happens.

Stay cool.

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