Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Dirt Bag Course Forever.

I wasn't feeling TNR yesterday so I planned to ride my own ride...I know, such a loaner.  Because of the high wind I opted for the Evergreen and a gravel route, the Dirt Bag.  On windy days it's such a great route.  It twists and turns so much you are never going into the wind for too long.  Plus the tree cover is much better than on paved roads.  And yes, I recently put aerobars on the Evergreen for my ride up to Grand Rapids.  They help in the wind too!

It took the length of County Road 8 for my legs to come around.  After that they felt pretty solid.  For kind of dragging my feet to get out the door on the ride it went by really fast.  Even with the wind, which died down, it was awesome out.  The skies were blue, the humidity was down, and the temperature wasn't nuts.  I came in bit before 9 as the sun was starting to get pretty low.  That is some of the best times to ride.  It made me start to crave some night gravel rides...soon!
I ended with 4.5 hours and 85 miles.

I work at noon today.  Thus another early morning on the bike.  I have off tomorrow and somewhat planned a bigger ride.  However that is looking to be up in the air with rain in the forecast.  So we will see what this morning gets us!

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