Monday, July 18, 2016

Poof...Weekends Over.

Yes I like to ride by myself a lot of the time but this weekend I wanted to ride with others.  This has been a hard summer to get a group together.  Saturday Mr. Anderson and I ventured out on road bikes at 8:00 am.  We planned on 4-5 hours and a kind of "go with the flow" attitude.  It was a SW wind and I just assumed we'd take county road 8 out of go to route.  However we took another way and that already made the ride's the small things!  Our route: St. Cloud, Marty, Eden Valley, some town (if you can call it that, it did have a bar) that started with an "M", Paynesville, Richmond, Coldspring, St. Joseph, and home.  I was a bit under a time crunch as Jen, the girls,and I were going to the movies with Jen's folks at 2.  I needed enough time to shower, etc too.  A bit worried on time I sort of picked up the pace the last half or so.  We made good time...104 miles at 21 average.  Made it with time to spare!

Sunday I spent the morning with the family just hanging out.  Around noon I made my way to the Evergreen.  I hit up parts of the Dirt Bag course and added other sections.  I was trying to avoid the wind but failed.  It was just a windy day!  Despite the wind I had a good ride, flat and all.  I got about 3.5 hours in.  Then it was mowing and garden weeding.
Man weekends go by fast!

I had set the alarm and got the mountain bike (single speed) ready to ride a lap or two this morning but in the end felt like sleep was more important.  Plus we are doing trail work tonight at the North Loop so that will keep me moving.  Maybe TNR tomorrow...before our heat wave hits.

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