Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Rain Delay.

My two shots at riding yesterday, morning and afternoon, were filled with rain and later thunderstorms.  The family is still up north so I had dinner with my folks, went grocery shopping, and worked on my bike a's making a lot of noise.  Real exciting evening!  Making up for lost time I'm up early to get a ride in before work at noon.  With my road bike up north with the family I'll hit up some gravel roads.  Despite the rain I'm thinking they may be fast as it's been so dry.

With our mountain bike race, Revolution Single Track Escape, moving from September to August we are down to a month out!  Man summer goes by so fast.  Next Monday, July 10th, we will have trail work at the North Loop, 5:30.  It's go time.
I suppose I should put my mountain bike back together finally too...Marji Gesik isn't too far off either.

Time to Ride.

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