Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Yesterday was a weather day for sure.  Mike and I had planned to ride at 5:30 am.  I woke to the wind pushing the tree branches on my window.  A quick check of the radar showed a big storm moving in.  We called the ride and I went back to bed, Mike rode the trainer...win for Ben!

It rained pretty hard in the morning, let up for a bit, and rained hard in the early afternoon.  Trail work was called due to the rain and the prediction for more.

At home we decided to go to a movie as a family.  Literally as we were running to the car, it was pouring rain, the sirens went off.  Damn.  Back inside.  The sirens went off 3-4 times during a two hour window.  We hung out in the basement some as a tornado made it's way through St. Cloud.  No damage here.  I believe the path was to the North of us.
Attempt number two was on and we went to the 9:20 showing.  That's my bedtime!  The kids and Jen will sleep another couple hours or so.  Summer!

The rest of the week looks much better.  I'm not too much in the mood for TNR so pretty sure I'll head out solo on the Evergreen and do some Dirt Bagging.

It's funny how a couple days off the bike and I kind of agonize over the idea of getting back out there.  But once I do I love it.  Mostly it's I like to sleep and don't like the super early mornings as much anymore.  It's so much easier when I'm home alone versus a house of sleeping bodies.

Sun is out folks!

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