Tuesday, July 05, 2016


The craziness of summer is in full swing...and I love it.
Friday morning I jumped on the road bike and made my way to my parent's cabin.  In the past I would jump on the Wobegone Trail and take that most of the way to Garfield and venture north an hour and a half more.  This time I took a different route and didn't hit the trail to Osakis.  Instead of a 104 I nabbed 127 miles at 20.5 mph...It was nice out!

Saturday morning Chad and I hit the gravel (yep, I had two bikes at the cabin!) for 2.5 hours.  It's been really dry at the cabin so the gravel was soft and dusty.  Plus they have many more hills then around here!  It's so nice to explore new terrain.  The time flew by.
Sunday we were heading over to Jen's parent's cabin.  I wanted to bike there but it appeared most of the roads were without shoulders, I wasn't too sure how the traffic would be, and I was feeling a bit guilty about leaving early to ride a large part of the day...yeah I know, shocker!  So I headed out for another 2.5 hours of gravel.  It was just as fun as the previous day.  If I make it back up there I will have my gravel bike for sure.

Monday was the parade in Hillman.  The kids, for the past several years, have been apart of the parade, and unlike me, look forward to it.
Around 3:30 I made my way for home, via gravel bike.  Jen and the girls are staying up till Wednesday and I work today.  I opted for the gravel bike so I could take the less traveled roads home.  The direct route is about 64 miles, I ended with 103.  I was reluctant to leave, as I miss my family easily, but the ride was awesome.  The ride was mostly pavement but many miles of gravel were tossed in as well.  For the most part I encountered very few cars...mission accomplished.

Because I rode the Evergreen home I am without a road bike so I'm out for TNR.  I'm really longing to ride with those guys and the beat down it provides but my legs are a bit shot from the past few days.  Next week!

Happy Short Week!

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