Thursday, July 07, 2016

Summer Days.

Yesterday I left the house a bit before 5:30 am on the Seven Evergeen.  Route, time, and distance were still up in the air.  I left early to allow for a longer ride, so 4+ was the goal.  I had a solid mixture of pavement and gravel, with a bit more pavement.  I headed east for an hour + before making my way north.  Time allowed so I made it all the way up to Hillman.  There I jumped on the Soo Line ATV (gravel) Trail to Pierz, where I stopped to refuel.
I had a slight tailwind on the way home and lots of humidity.  I hit up some really fun gravel sections that dumped into some unexpected paved section.
I made it home with a bit over 5.5 hours and 106 miles.  I still made it to work early too!

Work was pretty dang busy.  Repairs the past few days just keep flying in!  I spent most the night in the shop getting dirty...I miss that.  I stayed a little late to work on my own bike, the Evergreen.  After a solid week of riding dusty roads, riddled with my sweat, it needed some loving.  I wasn't able to finish so I'm heading in now to complete the revamp. 

If the weather holds I hope to get a 1.5-2 hour spin this afternoon.  Summer is here and so is thunderstorm season.  We have a wedding in Grand Rapids this weekend.  The plan is to bike there, hence the Evergreen overhaul.  Most will be pavement but some gravel sections too.  I'm pretty excited to tackle the trip.  Shhh...but I may even put aerobars on!

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