Friday, July 01, 2016

Technology and Anxiety...Pass the Zoloft.

Wednesday was tight on time and full of things to do.  Thus, I was only able to sneak in an hour mountain bike ride at the North Loop...which was perfect. 
Ideally I would have gotten up early on Thursday to ride but opted not too since rain was predicted.  I woke to blue skies, ugh.  Oh well, maybe after work for a small spin...nope.
I got to work a bit past 7 yesterday to get a jump start on repairs and tie up some loose ends.  However I discovered the internet wasn't working.  None of the usual stuff was working so I got on the phone with Charter.  An hour later they decided to send someone out.  A small miracle happened and I was able to get one out before noon!  We got the internet to sometime work using a modem from John's house.  The Charter dude was there almost three hours unable to get a new "business" modem to work.  I called an IT type dude I know.  We was able to squeeze us in but not till evening.  He was there 15 minutes and fixed it.  Man it's this stuff that sends my anxiety into orbit.  I get so wound up in the problem that I'm not much good at anything else.  Most customers pay with credit card and all transaction are run via the internet...thus the problem.  It does seem this stuff happens before I'm going to be gone a bit too.  Anyway I didn't get home till 6 or so.  Too much other stuff was on tap so a ride was out.  I also tend to crave bad food when I'm stressed so it wasn't a good eating day...ha!

This morning I'm biking up to my parent's cabin, 100+ (depending on route) miles.  We will be there a couple days then off to Jen's parent's cabin.  I may try to bike there.  Monday I will bike home as Jen and the girls will be staying at the cabin and I work.  Should be a solid weekend.
Happy 4th!

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