Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Trail Work and TNR.

Sadly yesterday was my first time this summer making it to a Trail Work Night (TWN).  With the clubs, and shop (Revolution), mountain bike race coming up we did a bang up job last night of getting the North Loop ready.  It helped that 12 of us showed up!  We still have some more to do but all the major stuff got done last night.
It would have been nice to ride, as it was gorgeous out, but giving my legs a rest was needed.  Tossing the brush mower around (or more like getting tossed around by the brush mower) last night gave my upper body a work out!

Because of potential storms this afternoon I've opted to ride this morning before work and skip TNR.  I was pretty regular at the start of the season but as we hit the heart of summer it has become harder to hit up TNR.  Either family goings on, the weather, or other riding plans have all had a role in my TNR absence.  I miss riding with that group of buddies but they too have been sporadically missing TNR...life!

Tomorrow our "heat wave" starts.  Just like a pending snow storm the media has it pretty hyped.  If I was to follow what they say I'd crank the AC, stay inside, and wait for it to pass.  I figure it will be good heat training for Gravel Worlds!

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