Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Already at 5:30 it was pretty thick and humid out yesterday morning.  It was only 3 hours but damn that was a good road ride!  Then it was hustle, hustle to work...still made it before 9!
After getting the girls to gymnastics I headed out to the North Loop for a bit to check out our work from the previous night.  Because of construction at the prison we have had to reroute some of the trail.  With the race coming up we had to do even more changes.  Follow the arrows and ignore what we used to do and you will be fine...I like it.

This morning the alarm when off at 4:15.  I was tired, maybe too tired, or so I thought.  I shut the alarm off and went back to bed.  Of course now I wonder if I should have gotten up to ride, but sometimes man sleep is good.  I'll shoot for a ride this afternoon, if it works out.  I guess I'm not good at getting up early back to back!

Here comes the HEAT!

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